iSPi beta1

Well you know the folks here at The Mango Lab are always trying to use photography in new ways. Maybe even make the head hurt a little… make your eyes sweat a bit – any one know if eyes can do that? Be horrible if they did while you were driving.

So here it is. We’re gonna give it a name… it’s trendy to do that you know… give things names with lower case and upper case letters and look Silicon Valley and the like…. So let’s call this “iSPi”. Like eye spy… but modernised…. Now there’s no app for this — well not yet anyways… but you can use your phone or DSLR, you Holga or Lomo…. whatevahhhh … just make sure it’s a camera.

Each week we’re going to post one of these iSPis and you photographers will have to find the relationship in the real world. Hey if this becomes popular we may even start giving out a prize or two.  Make sense? Well we’ll  see… Let’s get started.

For this week — should you wish to take this challenge– photograph anything that resembles the following iSPi an send it into us  – photos(at) We’ll post the results back here in a week. Good luck!

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