The Mango Lab in Africa Day 36

The studio received a call today from our intrepid Julia travelling and documenting the adventures for the fine folks operating Oasis Overland Adventure Travel. Having not heard from her for over seven days we were getting a bit nervous she may have found the life so remote and enchanting that she traded in her smartphone for the peace and quiet of the jungle. Instead she called full of excitement from having just travelled within the Serengeti in both desert truck and hot air balloon. She was especially excited because she was able to document a marriage proposal aboard a balloon high above the vast lands and lit by a melting sun. We can hardly wait to see THAT footage. I think that may be the most exotic wedding footage we have had the opportunity of capture.

She reports that she is working incredibly hard but it is well worth the effort and the physical labour of schlepping equipment from point A to B pays off when she reviews the imagery each evening. We are happy to hear that Julia! We try to post her material as and when we receive the occasional feed that trickles in. It’s all dependent on her evening energy levels and the speed of the dial up (yes, dial up!) she has to hand.

Here are her latest. All images were processed on the iPad and through the ArtsStudio and Snapseed apps.




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