Week 44 at The Mango Lab

What a week! We’ve moved into our new studio setup which is so much more cohesive. We’re really lovin’ how well it’s working on the energy front for us. Proving to be a better use of space we hope it translates deeper into the roots of the business as we set to test some new paths. While moving we had the grand opportunity of being asked to return to the London Transport Museum Acton Depot and present a series of workshops.

Monday we were with the adults only- setting up stations throughout the massive facility which featured on various photographic skill sets using the trains, buses and paraphenalia that populates the space. From tripods in low light, to a professional flash studio setup inside one of the historical cars, creating a visual story through the details of Coach 353 and a historical visual treasure hunt locating artifacts of the Underground’s bygone days, the adults pursued an eventful afternoon of learning in a wonderful context.

Tuesday was for families. Having almost sold out we had a large group to cater to. The theme was The Future of Transport and the families immersed themselves in building future probes which were then set in a time-capsule to be opened in 2033. We participated in an exciting afternoon of visual brainstorming which featured story cubing, show and tell of ideas, ideation and imagineering. Some of the ideas were utterly amazing. How will the Underground run in the future? Well for some it will be built out of old mobile phones and iPads with a frame made out of the bones from dead pets and animals. It will have luxury seats with iPads installed and be powered by air or the kinetic energy of passengers feet. It will be free or there will be a reduced cost for those who produce green energy elsewhere or reduce their carbon footprint significantly. ‘Green credits’ could replace the Oyster card. Not a bad bunch of ideas from a group of seven to nine year olds.

Thank you to Miriam, Donna, David, Stephanie and Katie for your assistance and to Louise and Lyndsey for asking us us to design the workshops.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we began our move out and we must send a thank you to Miriam and John for their generous help.

Next week we should be settled in and ready to move The Mango Lab into some new directions. We’d can’t wait!

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