This weekday evening photography course for the photo enthusiast who already has a knowledge of the basic mechanics of the camera and understands the fundamentals of exposure making in semi-automatic and manual mode. In this course students move beyond a focus on the mechanics and look at creating higher quality images with our attention based on composition, visualisation and anticipation and post-production enhancements through Lightroom and Photoshop. This is the ideal course for those looking to move beyond just taking photographs and into ‘making’ photographs. Students will also move from assignments which test the operation of the camera to assignments which build a creative eye and visual communication skills. Students can expect briefs built around street, travel, location portraiture and architecture photographic genres.

Meeting at a variety of central London locations, easily accessible by tube, to provide a range of photographic experience.

Max. class size 6

What students are saying:
“The Mango Lab taught me to build stories and themes and how a series of pictures can become a lot more powerful than just one on its own or how two photos can complement each other in different ways. I never really thought about that before.” Nick Buckley

Read the full Student Spotlight interview with Nick, a recent Intermediate student – check out his photographic path and response to the progress gained from this course