Photoshop and Lightroom Photography Editing course for Image-makers and Image-managers – Level 1

This course is a combination of our Photoshop and Lightroom courses, as a daytime option. As you will be introduced to and guided through both sets of software (you can borrow one of our computers or bring your own laptop with them installed), we will cover half of the content of each. So Level 2, will be the next step for you to progress to.

Discover how good you are and how good you can be!! We love seeing delighted and amazed faces when we show you how you can make even more of your photography!

It is a common observation amongst new photographers (and some not so new) that the photographs they take lack quality. Newcomers to photography often believe not yet “perfect” photographs can be improved through more practice or even a more expensive camera. This may be true. However, a vast improvement can be achieved through Photoshop! And we always advise: be wary of the on-camera delete button!

Post-production adjustments are what “save” and enhance your photography. Selective cropping, colour adjustments, contrast and saturation control are some of the tools available in Photoshop and editing programmes on your desktop or laptop computer (and even in smartphone apps) that can turn your photographs into professional works of art!

In this course students work with their own images using Adobe Photoshop software. (Please bring some images on a usb stick, hard drive, card, etc.) You will be introduced to the capabilities and availability of techniques which enhance your photography. These are conventional processes that happen after the photos are taken or in what is known as “post-production”.

Students will also be introduced to building products such as collages, greeting cards, posters and preparing images for email and the web.

Computers provided or bring your own laptop if you prefer. Bring your own images and discover how good you can be!

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Maximum course size: 5

Fridays, 10am-12pm (4 mornings), £235
19 Jan (then 26, 2 & 9 Feb)

Fridays, starting 19 January (then 26 Jan, 2 & 9 Feb) | 10am-12pm (4 mornings), £235


Book this course, Level 1, together with Level 2 and get a 10% discount – when booking over the phone.

Book here or phone us for more information and to book: 0203 002 4991.

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