Learning to bring light into a photograph is a natural ‘next step’ for any blossoming photographer, but one often met with anxiety and resistance. Flash tends to toss a wild card into the basic knowledge of exposure and as a result many photographers shy away from using it except in the most extreme of circumstances.

This course introduces learners to the benefits of added light through explanation and practical. We start with the premise that ‘flash does not need to be used only when a space is too dark’.

Lighting studio - your "classroom" with a difference

Lighting studio – your “classroom” with a difference

From here you will be introduced to:

  • understanding the principles of added light
  • learning the ‘voice of light’
  • ‘reading’ and measuring the light

as essential keys to the creative photography process.

We build on this knowledge, adding step by step to the tools at your fingertips.

For your additional light sources you will:

  • start by using simple light enhancers or ‘modifiers’ to manipulate the available light, such as reflective bounce panels
  • understand how to adjust the quality of light
  • learn to manipulate your on-camera flash
  • add auxiliary (external) flash, as a first step, in-studio

and discover how to tweak the light to perfection, concluding in preparation and shooting of a studio portrait.

Practical exercises bring theory into practice, preparing your move into the studio, to explore lighting a portrait with a single studio flash.

This is an excellent foundation course, to grow your knowledge in our more advanced studio courses running early summer. We highly recommend beginning your studio lighting journey here!

Location: The Mango Lab, Covent Garden studio

Max. class size: 6


Book here online or phone us to book: 0203 002 4991.

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