As part of the Shaping the Future of Design conference at Goldsmiths London, Karl interrupted a speaker’s presentation with a collection of mobile phones (8) ringing simultaneously. Upon answering their phones the recipients rose from their various seats in the audience and tumbled forward towards the main stage in the physical movements reflecting their unique conversations. The interruption climaxed in the formation of a human cellular mast assembled in front of the speaker’s presentation and a selfie photographed by the person representing the top of the tower. The experiment was created as part of Karl’s research into the affect technology has when accepted by the mass. What can’t be tested or expected until the critical mass of a popular technology produces behaviors we now accept in the public space? Who finds it ‘cool’ and who is repulsed by it? What creates these degrees of opinion? When can or does the opinion shift? What shifts in value?


  • contemporary dance as arts-based research
  • logistics
  • détournemont
  • participatory research
  • observation
  • direction
  • collaboration
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