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Following a successful proposal made to the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (CLTAD), Karl presented a workshop entitled Creative Performance and Discourse in Teaching with Mobile Devices and Photo-Social Networks to post-grad lecturers employed through the University of the Arts London. As part of their Learning and Teaching Day events, the brief centered around a conversation about supporting risk taking and innovation in creative teaching to improve learning and teaching. Karl’s workshop posited taking students out of a “chained to a desk’ traditional learning experience and via smartphone features like cameras and wifi in combination with a layered app approach for post-production immerse the student “into” the learning. Whether in galleries, museums, artist studios, or in the field in general, students with the mobile technology option have a chance to, in real time, apply their discoveries.  By embracing mobile technology more than the current “single dimensionality” between students and lecturers there exists the opportunity to complete rethink and change the direction of teaching through a much more holistic, participatory and experiential function occurring on-site and embraces the online/ offline community we now live in.



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