Commissioned by Wandsworth Council to design and adjudicate a photography competition for the Wandsworth Arts Festival.  We created a three-pronged competition which had crossover with the photography programs running during the festival. Challenging the traditional beginner, intermediate and advanced competition ‘tiers’ we established an approach which would guide participants through a practice which moved from ‘light and fluffy’ to one which was ‘more embedded and serious’. As a result we created the Open category, Snapshot themed category and finally a Collective or themed photo-essay category respectively. By doing this we did away with the skill level expectation that competitions can create and allowed for a more democratic entry. The result was discovering talent which while no technically perfect delivered in emotion and poetic. All photos would be taken in the borough of Wandsworth and the final selections were presented in large format, gallery/ exhibition style.


  • research
  • paradigm shift
  • program and theme development
  • presentation and deliver to The Client
  • adjudicate
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