Speaking at the Design Futures conference at Goldsmiths London, Karl presented his observations surrounding big data and smartphone photography through sychronising  a video to his oral presentation.  The video was a collaborative production where he brought his research and data to a contemporary dance troop to translate into performance which he filmed and edited. The choice to use contemporary dance as research vehicle was made to illicit a response from the audience, to repackage concepts and beliefs surrounding rapidly moving new technology and offshoots like big data and shine a light on it’s impact on us socially and culturally. Dance would democratise discussions about technology and therefore open the floor to discussion and debate and not leave it up to only experts in the field.


  • qualitative research – collaborative arts-based research
  • ethnographic observation
  • content analysis
  • logistics
  • direction
  • production
  • post production
  • video edit
  • design and packaging
  • legal and rights control
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