Saturday Club – Alternative Processes and Emerging Nature workshop

What a fabulous weekend to have a workshop. The sun, the warmth and of course the emerging nature – all ripe for the picture taking. This month’s workshop brief was to work with the natural landscape as subject, and then, through the process of either photography or post production, express a reaction to the subject. No Photoshop work to be done here though – attendees are returning to craft skills and using coffee, tea, flame, bleach, boiling water — whatever experiment leads them into an aesthetically expressive print. The results will be posted here is due course. For the moment here are some Polaroid Sx70 work shot by Karl using expired Polaroid Artistic TZ film. Not the same as the old SX70 stuff but still has a cool look. And Julia’s in camera play with selective focus of lovely cherry blossoms against crimson skies and jet trails.


Karl Grupe

Julia Massey Stewart

Janet Durran

Sylvia Mourglia

The next Saturday Club will be in June – we’re just putting together the brief. If you’d like to be on our email list for future Saturday Club events and exhibition evenings drop us a note word or three.

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