M2 in production.

It’s a fabulous thing when a show comes together. Real peachy ya know. We’re always excited about each and every exhibition. Having involved the lab this time ’round and hooking up with some top notch printers, boy, were we excited about seeing the end result today. So when we got to the lab and saw the prints that have come about from the latest brief our jaws just dropped. Not only that but the staff were impressed with the square “plates” being produced. We just couldn’t stop looking at them…. and this is before they are set onto the aluminum backs. Folks —- they look absolutely awesome!

We thought we had to share a couple of the production photos with you from our spec and work at the lab this evening. We made the visit down to check the work was printed well and that the orientation was correct for presentation. We are really excited about seeing the finished product. For the artists our bets are you’ll be truly impressed. Christmas is coming early to The Mango Lab. Mark in the dates below to see the exhibit.

What | M2 Exhibition

When | Wednesday November 17th 2010, 7-10 pm

Where | The Mango Lab, 2B Bassein Park Road London W12 9RY



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