m3 event notes.

Well we’ve been so busy with preparing the m3 exhibition that we’ve had hardly the time to provide an update. So here it is. Some images taken on the day by Julia and Emma.

Brief and workshop preparations.

A great turnout. Over 20 participants came out to enjoy a gorgeous day.

We broke into two groups and worked through some of the details.

The day was so gorgeous we just couldn’t wait to get outside.

Technical assistance and on site creative direction were par for the course.

The brief had us looking every where for a response.

really….E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! ! !

A HUGE thank you to everyone who showed and looking forward to seeing you and your guests on November 23rd. And just in case you can’t wait until then here is a brief pick of some of the image “outtakes” from the shoot … Enjoy! (Please press on an image below to start the gallery show).

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